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For now, he seems to be falling behind while Jones, Shea McClellin and Mason Foster work at inside linebacker.
Got that?
5:40 p.m.
"We put everything on a scale for him and education outweighed everything else. This shows the maturity he does have," said his mentor and coach at Glenville Academic Campus, Ted Ginn. "I'm so proud. He's a great kid, very intelligent, smart. I think the biggest thing to him was to be able to say to his baby, 'I went back,' and to set an example for all kids."
"All of the decisions in Baltimore were driven first by the desire to insure the safety of fans, players, umpires and stadium workers," Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred wrote in an email to The Associated Press. "Only after we were comfortable that those concerns had been addressed did we consider competitive issues and the integrity of the schedule."

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